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what made us create this

A Need For Excellence, Precision and Risk Balanced Approach

Hey, thank you for stopping by! Imagine mastering trading without being glued to your computer all day. We, a group of busy entrepreneurs, faced the same challenge and were desperate for a solution. With over 34 years of market experience, we crafted Trade Finder 247 our answer to efficient and effective trading. Originally a tool for our trading and investing success, the remarkable results made it clear: this tool was too good not to share. Trade Finder isn't just a platform; it's a revolution designed to simplify your trading journey, making it as easy and enjoyable as your ultimate video game.

Why Trade Finder?

Joining Trade Finder means not just accessing a trading platform but embarking on a journey toward market mastery. With our user-friendly interface, comprehensive analytics, and dynamic scanning capabilities, you’re not just investing; you’re setting the stage for unprecedented growth. Embrace the power of advanced trading tools without the hefty price tag, and see why our customers never go back to traditional trading.

Instant Market & Stock Analysis

Jump right into trading with insights that usually take hours to gather.

Simplified, FAST, and Empowered decisions

With clear, color-coded insights and pre-set trading levels, make informed decisions effortlessly.

Risk Managed Time Tested Strategies

Trade with confidence knowing each option is vetted for potential risks and rewards.

You get 3 in 1

time tested expert strategies

All our strategies were time-tested and hand-picked by our Five Times FORBES Featured Top Expert. They stood the test of time.

These are Risk Managed. They are efficient and they are proprietary. You won't find them anywhere else. 

quant scans

As if the expert strategies were not enough, we coupled it with Quant scans this combination is unique and not available anywhere else. They are so efficient.

artificial intelligence (aI)

As if the Expert Strategies and Quant scans were not enough, we went the extra mile in innovation and added the AI. We also made sure that the AI doesn't hallucinate as some fear with our combination. Adding AI to trading and investing is excellent!

it is unique, special and super fast

We want a super efficient, super fast solution that takes care of all our research and analysis hence the unique solution TradeFinder247.com that is not available elsewhere. It gives you risk-ranked trades every step of the way so that you know if a trade is right for you or not. By combining the triple power of expert strategies, Quant Scans, and AI we made it super special, unique, and not available anywhere else. Our current users adored it you will too!

why we do it

We’ve been there

Stay Ahead of the Game

Trade Finder equips you with multiple Screeners to spot the best tradeable and investable opportunities, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter the market's direction. Whether you're catching stocks at the brink of a breakthrough or navigating sector shifts, our platform positions you to capitalize on every opportunity.

Designed for Every Serious Trader and Investor

No matter your level of expertise, Trade Finder provides you with the resources to improve your trading skills. From momentum and price pattern scans to comprehensive risk assessments and market forecasts, you're well-equipped to make educated trading decisions.


We want to bring innovation, the BEST of our Experience and Expertise

Comprehensive Trading Tools and Dashboards

  • Dynamic Scans Across 38 Metrics: Navigate market conditions with precision using our diverse suite of scans designed for every trading and investing style.
  • In-depth Analysis: Gain insights into the strongest and weakest assets to optimize your investment decisions.
  • Exclusive Access to special Scanners: Explore the power of Expert strategies, quant scans, and the power of AI. 3 for the price of 1. Simple to use yet FAST in giving you actionable information with risk balanced approach.

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: You can cancel your subscription before the next monthly renewal. Once subscribed no cancellations are possible during the month of active subscription.